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15 Shakeology Recipes to Try

15 Shakeology Recipes to Try

15 Shakeology Recipes to Try

It’s a known fact that I love my daily Shakeology. The vitamin-packed dose of superfoods keeps my energy levels up and my cravings down, and is a delicious way to make sure I’m getting all my key nutrients in one glass. For a busy girl-on-the-go like myself, being able to take my afternoon snack on the run is a total lifesaver!

One of my favorite parts about drinking Shakeology is the endless customization when it comes to playing with the flavors. The powder comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Greenberry (as well as vegan options for Chocolate & Strawberry), but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to stick to the basics. Creating new flavors is half the fun Today, I’d like to share with you 15 Shakeology recipes. Try one with your next shake – who knows, you just might discover a new favorite Enjoy!

Note: to make any of these recipes vegan-friendly, use vegan Shakeology and substitute any milk or yogurt for non-diary (such as almond or soy).





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