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Berry Plum Cobbler Smoothie

Berry Plum Cobbler Smoothie

Berry Plum Cobbler Smoothie

What a great way to get started on that 25g of fiber we are supposd to, but usually don’t, get. Thanks for the post.

Definitely! This smoothie has 5.4 g, so you’ll be well on your way to the recommended 25g if you drink this in the morning!

Thank you Bob's Red Mill for sponsoring this post! Check out their full line of oat products at BobsRedMill.com.

I’ve been mentioning a bit how I’m going back to school which is simultaneously exciting/nerve-wracking/making me just want to sit at home and eat stroopwafels all day while I still have that freedom. But I haven’t really talked about what I’ll actually be studying! There are a few different options within the nutrition program, and I was able to cross most off my list easily.

Epidemiology (I’m already a hypochondriac, thank you very much)

Nutrition and Health Status (nearly what I got a bachelor’s in)

Molecular Nutrition (I need people in my life, not just cells)

Sensory Science (hmmmm)

So even though I haven’t met or heard of another soul who chose the Sensory science option, I looked into it, and goodness gracious it’s exciting! Sensory science looks at how we perceive food. Between taste, smell, look, and feel, I’ll learn about how our perception of food affects the foods we like and the way we eat. Cool right? And in learning the science behind why we like the foods we like, I hope I can bring you even tastier, healthier recipes that you’ll love!

Take for instance this smoothie. Loaded with Bob’s Red Mill Instant Oats, it’s got a lot more than meets the eye. Oats are an incredibly versatile whole grain and do this beautiful thing when you add them to smoothies. Not only do they act as a thickener, but oats bring a whole new level of creamy nuttiness to smoothies, which works perfectly in this Berry Plum Cobbler Smoothie. Bob’s Red Mill Oats in particular are kiln roasted to give them even more of that wholesome flavor. Get coupons for Bob’s Red Mill + learn more about their products here!

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