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best tea kettle

best tea kettle

best tea kettle

best tea kettle

Tea preparation is an art in some cultures and has many beautiful utensils to go with it. Depending on your personal preference and storage capabilities, your tools can be as simple as a cooking pot and a cup or involve several steps including a tea kettle, tea pot and warmer.

Different Tea-Making Tools

For most of us, the whistling tea kettle that lets us know when the water is boiling was a household staple. Depending on your kitchen size, a stove top kettle might not be the best use of stove top space.

If you don't mind brewing your tea in a cup or a tea pot, you can simply bring the water to a boil in a cooking pan on the stove and pour this over your tea leaves or tea bag.

Difference between a stove top and electric kettle:\u200b

Tea Pot Vs Tea Kettle

You can also invest in a tea pot. Tea pots differ from kettles in several ways, but the most obvious is that tea kettles are metal or glass and can go on the stove top. Most tea pots are ceramic or china and are strictly for steeping and pouring.

Stove Top Kettles

Stove top tea kettles come in a variety of materials and styles. A copper tea kettle looks wonderful on the stove top but may pick up scratches and dents if roughly handled. To maintain that wonderful copper glow, be prepared to occasionally polish your copper kettle.\u200b

Kirsten Hudson with Organic Authority offers several options to brighten copper. One easy way to return a warm shine to your copper tea kettle is to coat it in ketchup or tomato paste. The mild acid in the tomato will remove any oxidation that's dulling the metal and return the finish to its original brightness.

Stainless steel is a common metal for tea kettles and will look sharp for years with very little maintenance. Choosing a brushed finish will reduce the risk of water spots, and stainless steel is easy to clean inside and out.

Aluminum tea kettles heat evenly but tend to be made of very thin metal, so they are easily scratched and dinged. Cast iron tea kettles are more durable but will rust if not wiped out carefully after each use. Glass stove top tea kettles are available, and many of them are dishwasher safe.\u200b

An enamel tea kettle provides a classic look with a consistent finish. Enamel finishes are extremely durable and easy to clean. These pots are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can find the perfect kettle to match your kitchen.

The Whistling Tea Kettle\u200b

Whichever tea kettle you choose, consider a kettle with a whistling lid. Boiling your tea kettle dry is dangerous and will damage the finish of some metals.

Science writer and editor Ryan Grenoble offers an interesting write-up on the science of whistling tea kettles. Per researchers at Cambridge University, the two-hole cap on a tea kettle serves as a funnel for the steam building up in the pot.

Once the steam passes through the first hole or spout, the built-up pressure forces the narrowed jet of steam through the second hole, or whistle.

There is inherent pressure instability created by these two holes, which is why the whistle tends to waver before it starts a steady shriek.

Electric Options

An electric tea kettle is a useful kitchen tool for tea fans because it heats the water quickly and turns itself off as soon as the water boils.

Depending on your tea preferences, several electric tea kettles feature temperature sensors that let you know when the water has reached the right temperature for white tea, for example, or timers that will notify you when the brewing time is up.

The Cuisinart cordless electric kettle model number CPK17 also allow you to boil the water and then keep it warm for up to thirty minutes for multiple cups.\u200b

You can also brew tea in a coffeemaker; simply wash the filter basket and pot carefully, place the tea inside the pot and run hot water through the empty filter basket.

If you've used the coffeemaker for a long time, you may need to run hot water through it once or twice to remove the coffee taste from the plastic components.

Keep Your Tea Warm!

There are a variety of manual tea pot warmers for home use depending on your material preference.

Many involve lighting a small candle or tea light and then settle your tea pot on top to keep your tea warm. Be sure to choose a tea pot that can tolerate an open flame and monitor the situation carefully.\u200b

Tea cozies come in a variety of styles, materials and colors. If you've been looking for a new knitting project, consider one of the thirty-two free patterns from Knitting Women.

If fabric is more your style, a handmade cloth tea cozy can be a great way to use up small bits of fabric and keep your tea warm. Liz Johnson with Sew4Home.com offers a pattern that includes a pocket for extra tea bags. Adorable!\u200b

Final Thoughts

A relaxing cup of tea offers a wonderful opportunity to sit back and shake off the worries of the day. If you're hoping to make tea a daily habit, you can invest in a basic stainless steel or enamel tea kettle from many major retailers online.

Prefer to shop local? A small ceramic tea pot can be a charming addition to your home, and many gourmet coffee and tea shops offer a wide variety of styles and colors. Create your own ritual to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea!

Did you enjoy this guide? Let us know in the comments and tell us about your favorite tea kettle.

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