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Brown Butter and Sage Fluffy Mashed Cauliflower

Brown Butter and Sage Fluffy Mashed Cauliflower

Brown Butter and Sage Fluffy Mashed Cauliflower

This Brown Butter and Sage Fluffy Mashed Cauliflower recipe turns healthy cauliflower into the best ever cauliflower mashed potatoes. Can you guess the secret?

Happy Friday, friends! When I was working full-time as a blogger last year, I forgot the notion of “Friday”, and why anyone would be so excited about the end of the week. Like, how could you be that tired? But now that I’ve joined the train-traveling, school-going, busy bee world, I so get it.

And you know what else I get now? I get why it’s so tempting to eat pizza and potato chips for dinner instead of having to spend time cooking. Like the other day, in lieu of having to wake up even earlier to pack a lunch and breakfast, I found myself eating a slice of leftover apple pie as I waited for the 5:51AM train. Is that a new level of pitiful? Probably.

So if you’re anything like me and are in dire need of some R and R (and also a vegetable), join me in making some Fluffy Mashed Cauliflower!

Mashed cauliflower was always one of those things that I just didn’t get. I would boil it, puree it, taste it, annnnd it would just taste like soggy cauliflower. It got to the point where every time I would see someone praising the faux-potato perfection of their cauliflower mash, I would just assume they must be stretching the truth. But then I discovered the secret to perfect mashed cauliflower and my world flipped. So in the name of reducing your risk of sad-n-soggy mashed cauliflower, I’m sharing that secret with you today!

So here it is….get all the moisture out. We’re going to boil the cauliflower to get it nice and tender, but then you need to get all of that water back out, lest you end up with soupy, mushy cauliflower. You can do this a number of ways, either by pressing the moisture out through a sieve, or by placing the cauliflower in cloth and squeezing it all out that way. Either way, you want that moisture out before you puree it.

This recipe first appeared over on Amanda’s Cookin’, where I’m a contributor.

Original article and pictures take http://www.liveeatlearn.com/fluffy-mashed-cauliflower site

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