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Color Inspiration (Contest)

Color Inspiration (Contest)

Color Inspiration (Contest)

I spent yesterday afternoon watching my daughter have her senior pictures taken. We traveled to Surrey, NH so this country/city girl could embrace her country side to get photographed among mountains, fields, and a red barn. And Kristen, of K. Lenox Photography, was gracious enough to let me take photos of the photo shoot. Here they are setting up some shots and testing the light.

What's next? It was time to head on over to the barn and slip into another outfit. Kristen was a delight to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in southern NH. Check out her facebook page too.

It was an afternoon I'll never forget. Thank you, Kristen!

Years ago, I belonged to a large book club. I loved the idea of meeting every other week and exploring the ins and outs of the book of the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes the group rarely discussed the book and used this time to socialize instead. I get it. Girl's night out and all that. But I missed talking about the book. My solution was to join a smaller group that felt the same way I did. But, that didn't mean we didn't have fun either. The best book clubs are those that allow you to have a say in what you'll read (everyone gets to drop 2-3 titles into a hat), where you'll meet (either in a neutral location like a library meeting room or alternating host duties at each other's homes), and if there will be food, drinks, etc. Forming a book club sounds kind of easy, but it's really a good idea to set some ground rules and make sure everyone agrees.

That said, it's also a good idea to set up a calendar and plan a couple of special events once or twice a year to break up the monotony and lighten the mood a bit. After reading some pretty heavy stuff, my group completely switched gears and chose Harry Potter as our next read. The meeting was relaxed and fun.

And if you're really in the mood to do it up right, whether it's an annual kickoff dinner or end-of-the-year meeting, make it special. This outdoor table setting can be easily recreated indoors as well. Notice the book page tablecloth, the book \"lights\" overhead, and various books stacked to hold candles, flower arrangements, or even food. It's just lovely. (Check out this other book club idea over at Pizzazzerie.) Start a mother/daughter book club and steal this Nancy Drew party idea from Jacolyn Murphy. And if you're reading a food-themed book, from this list over at Good Reads, then have some fun creating a menu around the theme. Giada De Laurentis has a menu idea based on the novel Groundswell for you here.

Have fun!

Photos: Life On the Edge,and Style Files

It's official. School has started, my youngest daughter celebrated her birthday over the holiday weekend, and we all enjoyed our annual visit to the fair. Now I'd like to hit the rewind button please. Even with the mild winter and early spring, warm temps, and mostly sunny skies, summer is never long enough. Summer should be the official season of life—live outdoors, eat fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden, watch the sun set well into the evening, go for a bike ride whenever the mood strikes, swim in fresh and salt water all day long, read a book just for fun, never wear a watch, be surrounded by family all day, every day—no schedules, no hassles, no worries. Yes, I want summer to stretch into the fall, the winter, next year and beyond. I want my girls home so I can talk to them about what we should to do today (hit the beach, go for a walk), what we should eat for dinner (salad... or maybe ice cream), and where we're headed next (a ball game, the city, Cape Cod).

Fall used to be my favorite season, but now I think it's definitely summer. I will miss it terribly.

Do you want to know how I create my Color Inspiration posts? First, I find a photo I like and then I visit My Perfect Color to find the match. A little computer/paintshop magic and I fuse the photo and the color images together and voila. Now I'm asking YOU to do the same. Using the photo above, find the matching paint color and forward them to me at beautifulliving@msn.com. The winner will receive a copy of my ebook Decorating Basics. Submissions must be received by October 5th. Have fun! (No worries... I'll use your colors and put it all together. The winner, and color choices, will be featured the following week.)

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