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Have a relaxing long weekend.

Have a relaxing long weekend.

Have a relaxing long weekend.

I was in Charlottesville this past weekend too! I was running all over C’ville with my sister-in-law and niece looking for a homecoming dress for my niece…she’s a freshman in high school (first formal dance!). I love C’ville…hope you all had a nice visit…the weather was lovely! :)

I enjoyed all of these links. Thanks for sharing! :)

Congrats on the interview! I enjoyed reading it. :)

Enjoy your new mocs! I have two pairs of Minnetonka’s & they’re my favorite shoes. The Thunderbird pair is definitely on my wish list!

You and your commenters have convinced me to see 50/50. Fingers crossed!


My Book Collection site:


hope you had a lovely time xx

the little forest

I just graduated from the University of Virginia and I honestly couldn’t have picked a better place to spend my college years. It’s especially gorgeous in the Fall. I second the Apple Picking tip and go to Hotcakes at Barracks Road for the MOST delicious pumpkin muffins you’ll ever eat! Have a great time!

i love that you’re in charlottesville — i live here too! (I go to UVA.) looking forward to maybe seeing some pics of my local faves on your blog.. :]

Wow. That essay on infertility was intense. I can’t say that I’ve ever FELT something I read that deeply. When I got to the part about the blizzard (which, as a New Yorker, I remember), I swear I nearly threw up. I just kept saying, “Please get there, please get there, please get there.”

So happy to hear about their success.

I wish I could wear sweaters right now! :o/


I hope that you and your adorable family had a great weekend! Sounded like the perfect way to relax and unwind!

xoxo, Erin


Apple picking and writing about my skincare routine:


Sounds like you had a great weekend! I haven’t been blogging much lately and miss reading yours! Great interview with Martha.

Have a great week! Jennifer:)

I am dying over that article on infertility. Thank you so much for sharing that. Made my heart full thinking about anyone out there who is trying to conceive a child. It takes so much love & effort and courage to make it happen. Thanks for passing this on.

woops! *enjoyed :)

I hope you went to Bodo’s Bagels in Charlottesville! (best bagels EVER) PS. I really enoyed 50/50 – hilarious, moving, and such a great cast.

Wonderful photograph…makes me feel so cozy!!

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada so we’ve been doing the family thing and the eating thing and enjoying some unseasonal, beautiful weather. Hope your weekend is amazing.

Congrats on the interview for Martha Stewart! And thanks for the fabulous links as usual.

Check out a $25 vintage giveaway at my blog:


I bought that coat two weeks ago and love it!

I love that picture! looks so cozy and warm—I just love when the weather changes!




I wish I could spend this week like that, you know when you just have one of those days when you don’t want to do anything, that’s me today, I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. Fill us in about how you ‘cozy’ weekend went. :)

What a gorgeous bike is that…love your picks!


Dear Joanna,

You have such a beautiful way of sharing your life; your balance of an appreciation for the simplicity with doses of warm and fuzzy snazziness makes for such a great read. And the very fact that you still have a flip phone makes me love you that much more (I just have the free flip model and get made fun of all the time for my embarrassing lack of texting and tech savvy street cred.)And I suppose we can only tell so much about a person without actually meeting them in person, but I stand by my instinct that you’re one of the good ones. Hope you had a wonderful weekend adventure.

P.S. I’d agree that Amy Poelher is really awesome, too.

great interview over on martha! I was so surprised to hear that you were nervous about posting about being disappointed that you weren’t having a girl. I feel that way sometimes when I post things, but I thought it was just me being crazy!

Do you have any suggestions for a-line winter coats? I love this http://www.modcloth.com/Modcloth/Womens/Outerwear/Coats/-Always-A-List-Coat

and this


If you could do a post on some 50s style coats, I’d love it! I’m having such a problem finding something that flares dramatically at the waist a la audrey. Thanks!

I saw 50/50 and loved it! Thanks for the fun links

lovely picture. hope you had a great party (:



those moccasins look so great! hope you have a great weekend, love your blog!


mikie and kristen

I love that picture! It’s a perfect description of my weekend, as fall has finally come to Milan, where I live.

Have a great trip! Hope you have a chance to see 50/50, it’s really a wonderful movie:)

I go to school in Charlottesville! It really is gorgeous this time of year. You should try apple picking at Carter’s Mountain. The apple doughnuts are amazing! So is their cider :) Hope you enjoy the time there. You won’t see too many students since it’s Fall Break

Love your links.

I’m dying to see 50/50.

I just bought a blazer from H&M with elbow pads that I am SO excited about, but I love the attatchable idea!



Love the post :D

the bike is adorable!


Congrats on the interview~! I adore Martha!

Have a great long weekend!

charlottesville is one of the most beautiful places! (uva student here so i’m a bit biased)

-you have, have, have to go to the Local in the Belmont area, and get the short ribs….to die for!

-carter’s mountain is also breathtaking…don’t forget your quarters for apple cider!

-don’t forget to check out the lawn, mr. jefferson built a beautiful university and every time i walk to class i make sure to stop and appreciate it.

so sad i’m out of town this weekend and won’t happen on a chance encounter, i love your blog!

The grilled cheese slideshow is a spectacular – I have a burning desire to slice some cheese, butter some bread and pull out my cast iron pan!

I live in Virginia Beach and have never been to Charlottesville, but enjoy beautiful Virginia…

so funny- i almost bought those exact moccasins today but they did not have my size

Hey Joanna, i also recommend 50/50, it was so good that I laughed and cried. Gosh all of your friday links are so good. Great interview with Martha Stewart. I laughed so hard at some of those perfect pictures, you had posted the shark one before and it always freaks me out. Scary! Love the bike, coat and elbow patches. I have minetonka mocs in brown for this fall, love them. The story about infertility made me sad and happy, they seem very commited to eachother and the prospect of having a child, so sweet. Is this the couple another reader posted is having or just had twins? Hope so! Sorry im all over the place. Have a great weekend.

actually it’s jimmy impersonating neil impersonating willow smith – FYI.

i just read your martha interview – that’s amazing! loved it.

congrats on the martha stewart interview :) and that essay about infertility was so sad. i really hope it all worked out for them.

If you have a chance, go to the Garlic festival. Its a little expensive to get in, but if you can afford it, I hear its a hoot.

make happy memories, have a great weekend! Hugs

Have a great weekend!

Joanna–I just got those same exact moccasins a couple of months ago, and they are SO comfortable! I bought my daughter the pair with the silver studs. Enjoy! :)

Thank you for linking to the infertility essay. I am totally in tears..so moving.

I lived in Cville for a while and still frequent it. You absolutely MUST eat at MAS tapas in Belmont.


Best spanish tapas ever & great wine list too. With this lovely weather it would be great to eat outside there. Very funky & kid friendly place.

Also check out


for where to live shop eat & play LOCAL. Supporting the local community there is of utmost importance to this blog & she is very passionate about it.

Enjoy Charlottesville. It’s a great place & be sure to take loads of pics. The light there is incredible :) Cheers! K

Love the photo! Have a beaitiful weekend!


just finished reading your Q&A. What you say about your phone really hit home with me. i DO have an iphone and it is SO addictive, annoying, amazing, distracting… to be CONSTANTLY connected to everything and everyone. i’m impressed with your resolve to keep your flip phone. hats off to you and staying “in the moment.” xo

The infertility essay was so moving. I had to find out more after and I just read about his babies! Such a big smile on my face right now :)

Paul Fords essay on his take about infertility made me cry. Thank you for sharing!

enjoy Charlottesville! The perfect place to relax in the fall! I’m jealous!

aw great interview!!

I live in Cville!!! Is sweet Toby coming, too? He would LOVE Carter mountain- they have tractors up there and kids galore. – Brett baker

Hi :) You have such a lovely blog!!

I’m from Greece and this weekend i’m spending time with my boyfriend!

You have a new follower now.. Check out my blog if you want




I saw lots of elbow patches while being in Paris.. cool to be up to date with fashion if you would like that to be ;)

Happy weekend you ;)

the infertility thing made me sad :((

but totally adored all the awesome photos taken at just the right moment!

wow, that essay on infidelity broke my heart.

i loved your interview on martha stewart! :) oh the things we do to distract us from our ex-boyfriends!

just to join in the plugging of charlottesville–

i’m currently living in NYC but was born in raised in charlottesville and miss it tremendously. although i’ve been in the city for three years now, my charlottesville favorites–mas, bodo’s, and c&o–still remain my favorite restaurants. i’d recommend having a greyhound in the c&o bistro (where i slaved away for four years) and tell them lauren sent you :)

enjoy! i hope you post pictures!

I loved your mini interview. It was definitely inspiring to keep my blog going. I have zero followers so it’s really hard to post because I feel like I’m talking really loud to myself in a public place. I might have readers but they are probably my friends who aren’t really into blogging so they don’t actually “follow” me unless I post a link on facebook. I’m definitely going to start writing for someone even if it isn’t anyone.

I can’t wait to see that movie! enjoy the weekend!

Lived in Cville, still love it. Our dear friend Matt is the chef at the Local–check it out. A slice of margherita pizza from Christian’s also cannot be beat!

I live in Charlottesville, it’s great! If you have time you should visit O’Suzannah a paper goods and gift shop on the downtown mall!

I am from Staunton Virginia, near Charlottesville. My fiance’s and my favorite spot is Daedalus book store on 4th street off of the Downtown Mall. It is an old 3 story house filled from floor to ceiling with used books. The owner Sandy is a very interesting man to get to know. You should stop by there!

Also, near there is Carpe Donuts which has amazing organic donuts made with apple cider and cinnamon sugar. We are having them cater our wedding in May.

Oh wow, I wish I had a long weekend. As a teacher, I do get lots of time off, so I probably shouldn’t be complaining, but I honestly don’t remember the last time I had Columbus Day off!

joanna- i really liked your interview on marthastewart.com! so real and great advice.

i love btw that you have a flip phone still…!!

seriously i do LOVE my iphone and couldn’t imagine not having it.

but i do see the need to not have it all-right-there, especially when there is constant updates to whatever social media one is involved with, when i’m enjoying family time.


Charlottesville is one of my favorite places in the whole world! My best friend from high school lives there now – such a beautiful town. Hope you enjoy your trip!!

Great interview! Have a good weekend.


Fabulous interview. Congratulations. They used adorable photos!

I’ve been wanting to see 50/50 so bad!! Have a great weekend!

have so much fun. worked in new york and philadelphia but have this crazy urge to move to virginia. weird? it’s perfectly quaint. and southern but the most north of the southerns, so that’s comforting…:) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

We live in CVille! You definately should go to Carter Mountain and have some donuts and cider! Have a great weekend.

Enjoy your weekend too!!… this wweks links ar great, but that really poor bride… when a veeery nice thing can go all wrong!

amazing article about infertility. thanks.

thank you also, anonymous, for the update about the success of the procedure.

I live in C’ville! Enjoy the long weekend, if you need a restaurant recommendation I’d try out Brookville on the downtown mall, my absolute favorite!

Charlottesville is great! I’m a bit biased being from VA my self. You must check out the mall, the corner and the grounds. Your aunt will know!

50/50 is so good. i went from laughing to crying in thirty seconds.

the movie amazingly avoids saying what the characters feels, just simply shows it.

OMG I love Amy Poehler.

Just so you know, I love your Friday posts! They are the highlight at the end of my workweek, when I just can’t look at another spreadsheet. The last 30 minutes at my desk is dedicated to flipping through your links. Don’t tell my boss!

I loved 50 50 – I laughed like crazy and cried a few times too! Such wonderfully endearing performances!

Have a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy & safe weekend to you and your family, Joanna.

I go to UVA. Charlottesville is the best…and so is your blog!

You’ll be (sort of) in my neck of the woods! Enjoy C’ville. Such a fun place.

eeek! have so much fun in charlottesville, its such a pretty place! if you have time, apple picking at Carter Mountain is so much fun, and the apple donuts are to die for!

i live in richmond, just a little bit further down the road… i visit charlottesville every chance i get! you guys are going to have such a fun weekend! :)

xx, kara

oh! I just remembered that I was going to give you a sandwich suggestion since I saw the post on grilled cheese… sliced turkey, smoked Gouda, Granny Smith apple slices, mango ginger chutney and craisins on a croissant. Believe me, it will not disappoint!

I have those moccasins too! They’re divinely comfortable :)

cris, here are my belly shots:


thanks for these sweet comments! bethany, that is so good to know. xo and how happy about paul and his wife!

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada, my favourite holiday of the entire year, and the weather forecast is spectacular. I will be cooking, eating, running, and loving my family up a storm! Safe travels to you guys!

Minnetonkas are so incredibly comfortable and I died laughing at Amy Poehler’s makeup. I love her in Baby Mama and Parks and Recreations.

hi jo!

my brother works at a great local charlottesville restaurant — horse & hound! you should check it out if you get the chance! :) have a blast!

Aww, maybe we’ll pass each other on the way! I’m headed home to Northern Virginia for the first time in a while… I can’t wait to see my family. I LOVE Charlottesville… I went to college there AND I got married there! It’s a beautiful place.

Celebrating Thanksgiving – I’m in Canada :) Have a good weekend!

What a great write up on you over at Martha Stewart. I only dream to be where you are five years from now :) Until then, working hard!

Studying for midterms alll weekend for PA school, but hopefully I’ll be able to do some of it outdoors :)

And also, 50/50 is an amazing film! Enjoy!

Great interview on Martha’s site…Have a good weekend Joanna! :-]

love this photo, so cozy. have a wonderful weekend!

great interview as well, thanks for sharing

I’m dying to see the Ides of March. George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in the same movie?! Whoever did the casting has amazing taste, am I right?

c’ville is the best. i spent my college years there and wish i could move back! head up to carter’s mountain for the BEST apple cider donuts EVER!!

I wish it was a long weekend for me! No days off in corporate retail:( Happy Friday though!

My friend Paul wrote that essay about infertility — and just a couple weeks ago he and his wife welcomed beautiful twins, a boy and a girl! He wrote about it here:


Oh, I love Charlottesville…not far from here, really. Will be down there padding around in my Thunderbirds in a few weeks. Have a great weekend. xo

that coat is super adorable!

50/50 is incredible! It’s a must see!

I want to see 50-50 also!

total coincidence, i just noticed they sell those elbow patches at SIL on 38th between 7 and 8 if you’re interested in a local purchase!

ah, LOVE Charlottesville! I live about 45 minutes away. You should go apple picking while you’re there — we just went last weekend and had the absolute best time.

Thanks for sharing the links. I’d love to interview Martha Steward. She’s one of my idols. Have a wonderful weekend in VA.

50/50 – must see … Seth Rogen has such a way of making me smile.

Hello, JO.

You took pictures of you belly (?) during your pregnacy and I want to show my sister, that is pregnant, but I cant find the post. Can you help me? (sorry for my english, I’m from Brazil)

That sounds like such an ideal way to spend a weekend. Big houses in the south are always a must.

50/50 was a great film. My mom has cancer, and so when I said I wanted to see it, my husband asked if it was a good idea right now. I know what he meant by his question, but somehow, seeing films and reading books about it is deeply comforting. The thing I liked about the film is that it didn’t make light of it in a fake way, but it also didn’t over-exaggerate the pain and grief of the experience, either. Highly recommend it.

I live in Cville :-) Our town is lovely! Hope you enjoy the visit!!

– Stephanie

My lovelies, what are you doing this weekend? We’re heading to Charlottesville, Virginia, for my aunt’s sixtieth birthday. They have a big old house with a yard, swing set and golden retriever, so I’m excited to just hang. (Also, the movie 50-50 is out now, and it looks great.) Hope you have some cozy plans, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I was thrilled to do a little interview for Martha Stewart.

Photos taken at exactly the right time.

Dog wallpaper.

Oh no! Poor bride!

Just got these moccasins for fall and am excited to pad around in them.

Grilled cheese slideshow.

Whoa, is this bike for real?

A moving essay about infertility, from a husband’s point of view.

An adorable coat.

Nutty slideshow of Amy Poehler’s makeup tests.

A sweet way to take a photo.

Attachable elbow patches!

The publication 3191 Miles Apart is all about simple pleasures.

Jimmy Fallon impersonating Neil Young singing Will Smith. Genius.

(Photo credit unknown)

Original article and pictures take http://cupofjo.com/2011/10/have-a-relaxing-long-weekend-2 site

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