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I even wrapped the mini pies in strips of flannel. You can never have enough.

I even wrapped the mini pies in strips of flannel. You can never have enough.

I even wrapped the mini pies in strips of flannel. You can never have enough.

I loved how simple this party was. Just enough decor to make it perfect. And the cake was incredible! But yes my favorite was the hockey puck cookies…. I took 4 home . Oh and Dans RIBS!!! Amazing

Jenny, that buffalo check cake is TO DIE FOR!!! Nice work!! My fave thing about all your parties is that they’re not overdone… Love this one so much! ???

That’s so nice Lissy! This was a fun party to put together

That cake was the coolest cake I’ve ever seen. I love it so much.mplease do a blog on how you did it Jenny. I’m in love with it. Perfect colors and all

Hi Linda! I actually didn’t make the cake, a potential baker for Jenny Cookies Bake Shop did If you look through the blog post, you can click where she followed a tutorial. It turned out amazing didn’t it?!

Love the simplicity and style of this party Jenny! Fab theme too.

What a beautiful and creative dessert table! My family also loves chocolate dipped ritz and pb sandwiches, but mine are not smooth on the sides at all. Do you have any tips for making them look more uniform and smooth?

Hi Nicole,

I think the kind of chocolate you use can make a big difference. I love Wilton’s new Easy Thins that you can put in your candy melts to thin it out. Give that a try!

Do you have instructions for the cake posted anywhere? Its so incredibly cute and my son turns 1 next month. We are having a lumberjack themed party.

Hi Tiffany,

Yes, the tutorial is linked in the blog post above.


Please tell me how you made the buffalo plaid inside the cake! My dad is turning 79 this January and he has been in the tree service business since his 20’s. this would be perfect for a cake for him!

Thank you!

Hi Stacy,

If you click the “find the tutorial HERE” in the blog post, it will take you to the original baker’s step by step tutorial. Sounds like a perfect cake for your dad!






Hi Albert, the tutorial is linked in the above blog post. Click on the hyperlinked HERE and it will take you to the original cake designer’s tutorial.

I need that cake. Love it. Thx for posting the ideas.

Love the mini pie idea, I lead a group of about 8 ladies. And this would be a nice treat for them.

The tutorial is not free. You have to join her club for $20 or$30 a month. Would be nice if you could just purchase the tutorial for a few bucks instead of join and gen gave to cancel so that you don’t keep getting charged monthly.

Hi there, Unfortunately the tutorial from Sugar Geek Show is not free. You might be able to find another version of this cake on a free YouTube video!

I saw this cake on facebook, and was so charmed I had to read your whole post! I’ve never been to your blog before, but bravo! What an amazing, imaginative, beautiful party! I love it.

Thanks Kim!

Jenny…I can’t decide what I love most!! I think it comes down to a tie between those pies and that cake. You are brilliant!

Thank you Lynn, that is really sweet. I didn’t make the cake, a potential hire for my upcoming bake shop made it.

My children absolutely adore my sister’s fiance Andrew. Andrew is the fun uncle. He let’s you stay up late, eat whatever you want and makes a joke out of everything. He’s funny.. who doesn’t want to be around that? (P.S. Can you guys hurry up and get married so I can stop referring to you as fiance?!)

We celebrated Andrew’s birthday last weekend with a lumberjack party. He’s one of those guys who can do almost anything (everything cool in my farmhouse and upcoming bake shop, Andrew made/built/created). But in his earlier years, he logged.

My kids were thrilled at the idea of throwing Andrew a party. We kept it small and invited family over, requesting they show up in their favorite flannel.

I even wrapped the mini pies in strips of flannel. You can never have enough.

For Andrew’s dessert table, I hung vintage saws and blades on a reclaimed wood backdrop.

I baked “A” (for Andrew) cookies and gave them a plaid buttercream decoration, alongside edible saws and trees.

One of my family’s favorites are chocolate dipped pb cracker cookies. They’re really easy to make and always a hit. They’re made really simply by sandwiching peanut butter between two ritz crackers and then dipping in chocolate. I drew a tree on the top to coordinate our theme.

The cake. You can’t have a lumberjack party without the infamous wood cake. You can find a great tutorial


The outside of the cake is many lbs of chocolate ganache. The ax and top of cake are fondant. The inside…my favorite part:

Buffalo plaid!! I’d never been so excited to cut a cake.

I think Andrew liked it. Happy Birthday Andrew! We love you!

Original article and pictures take http://jennycookies.com/2016/09/lumberjack-dessert-table site

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