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Refreshing Strawberry Lemon Water

Refreshing Strawberry Lemon Water

Refreshing Strawberry Lemon Water

I do this with lemons! the strawberries (for some reason) I didn’t think of!

Not only does that look good it is pretty too. I can make this for our outdoor parties this spring and summer.

What a great idea! I’ll definitely be making these “ice cubes” this summer!

It’s getting hot out and that’s a sure sign that summer is near! When temperatures go up, it’s important to stay well hydrated! How do you stay hydrated during the summer? If you aren’t a fan of the taste of plain water, spruce up your water this summer with fresh strawberries and lemons! Here’s a great recipe for refreshing strawberry lemon water. This recipe is so simple. I enjoyed it so much, I’ll be making this strawberry lemon water often this summer!

Refreshing Strawberry Lemon Water

What you’ll need:




Ice Cube Tray

Water Pitcher


Wash and slice up your strawberries. I use this strawberry slicer anytime I need to slice strawberries!

Cut the strawberry slices in half.

Cut up the lemon into very small slices.

In an ice cube tray, place one slice of lemon and two strawberry slices in each space.

Fill ice cube tray with water and freeze until frozen.

Place a few strawberry and lemon ice cubes in a glass and fill with water.

Place the remainder of the strawberry and lemon ice cubes in a water pitcher.

Serve and enjoy!

Original article and pictures take http://momwifebusylife.com/refreshing-strawberry-lemon-water site

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