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Scrappy Business Card Holder

Scrappy Business Card Holder

Scrappy Business Card Holder

Well, I just ordered business cards for the blog. I know, that’s not really news. I already have them for my Etsy shop. But it got me thinking – I do NOT have a business card holder to protect them in my purse. And lately, things that come out of my purse are likely to […]

Well, I made another tile mosaic. I am not in the habit of showing off the same things over and over again around here, but I tried a few different things since my original tree mosaic, and they worked out really well (and are considerably more cost-effective) so I’m going to show this off today […]

So, yesterday I happened to read a post that really upset me. The craft blogging community is really small. And the awesome thing about it is that the people in it are amazingly supportive. So when I saw some of my friends and readers getting bashed, it didn’t sit well with me. I decided to […]

Good morning to everyone – I have a great day lined up! You see, it’s my birthday. So today’s theme will be to have some fun around here! I have a fun birthday craft to show you this morning, and be sure to come back at noon for the Pick Your Plum giveaway! Then. we’ll […]

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