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Tell your story, build your business, live your passion.

Tell your story, build your business, live your passion.

Tell your story, build your business, live your passion.

Photos are visual marketing and one of the best ways to connect with our customers. Visual marketing is our customer’s first impression and is oh so important today. With that in mind, styling photos is so much more than making pretty photos! Styling a photo intentionally is actually marketing. With a few simple things to keep in mind, styling does not have to be complicated. Here are a few style tips for creating photos that are beautiful and will communicate a brand message very well.


Our customer will assume our product has the same values that our photos communicate. They choose to trust brands based on these intangible aspects of a brand. Be intentional about choosing style elements that communicate your brand values. Show quality, if your product is quality. Show custom and personal if that is part of your brand. Show genuine if your culture is genuine.


The color palette communicates an emotion and feeling. Is your brand message happy and energetic or moody and peaceful? Is it clean cut and professional or organic and free flowing? Bright pink will communicate an entirely different emotion than muted gray. Select a color palette that communicates the feeling of your brand.


The background has a big impact on the photo and should be chosen with the brand in mind. Here are a few backdrops that are easy to store and pull out when photographing are :: a rustic wood table top or slab of wood, linen, white poster board, a board painted with chalkboard paint appearing to be slate, and marble printed vinyl (search on Etsy). Take the time to prepare a few backdrops that align with your brand message. This will save time in the future when shooting while also creating a consistent brand message.

Through The Photo

Draw the eye though the photo, inviting the viewer to interact with the photo. This can be done by trailing the objects in the photo through the frame, starting on one side and going off the other. The result is a photo that feels fluid, alive, and moving.

Window Light

Always beautiful light, window light is our favorite kind of light to photograph in. This directional light creates shadows and highlights capturing great details. Directional light will take a flat photo and make it alive with incredible dimension. Try it! Take several objects and photograph outdoors. Now go inside and photograph the same objects next to a window. The difference is stunning.


Texture adds so much interest to a photo. Add texture in with soft linens, fur, and style details.

Invite Us In

Wide crops sharing a whole scene invite the viewer to ‘come in’. Creating instant connection and communicating openness, these photos share real life and invite others to be part of our brand.

Not Too Perfect

We all crave realness and our customers will appreciate a peek into real life. The goal of styling is not too create perfect photos; instead it is communicating our brand message and creating a sense of camaraderie with our brand.

Purposeful styling communicates our brand story. At the very foundation, a brand story is connection. A brand story is a business whispering to it’s tribe…I see you and understand you. Let’s think of our photos as an invitation to others to connect with our brand. In today’s world where so many things are vying for our attention; thriving brands build a meaningful story and utilize visual marketing. The best part? Marketing no longer has to feel ‘salesy’ or forced, instead it can be authentic and welcomed by our customers. With thought and style intentionality, photos will connect us with our customers and grow our business.

We hope these style tips help you create beautiful photos and loving marketing!

Original article and pictures take http://char-co.com/blog/2016/06/22/how-to-style-photos-that-grow-your-business site

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