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What to do with chipped china

What to do with chipped china

What to do with chipped china

what a beautiful and original idea to use a chipped tea pot to fashion a lovely home for birds in the wild!

Tucson Tiques Collectibles recently posted…Collecting Brilliant Cut Glass

I design mirror frames using broken crockery

I recently read this great bit of advice in the telegraph (40 thrifty style tips) and it made me smile.

“Keep special chipped china for display. Teacups without handles make great little jewellery pots, and teapots with chipped spouts look lovely holding a plant on the kitchen window-ledge.

I so often find one of gorgeous bits of china in charity shops and get disappointed because it may not be part of a set or because it might be chipped.

Using it in other ways is of course the solution to what to do with these lovely finds and I love these upcycling ideas.

Amanda at the Ana Mum diary made an old chipped teacup in to a simple but beautiful handmade candle gift for her daughters teacher. So pretty and precious!

Of course you can also make candles in teacups, keep your earrings in them, pop a little plant in or whatever you wish.

So if you find some lovely inexpensive china and it’s chipped don’t worry just think outside the box and have a good look on pinterest to be inspired!

Lots more lovely upcycling ideas in this great book

ReCraft: How to Turn Second-hand Stuff into Beautiful Things for your Home, Family and Friends

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Original article and pictures take http://thrifty-home.co.uk/what-to-do-with-chipped-china site

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